Welcome to my blog about all things Chick Lit!  I am an English professor at a small liberal arts college in the southeastern United States, where I teach American literature, especially the early American, Multi-Ethnic, and, of course, Chick lit. (Don’t you wish you had a chick lit class in college?  I do! )

I read a wide variety of chick lit authors and sub-genres, but Jennifer Weiner, Kim Wong Keltner, Caridad Pineiro, Helen Fielding, Jane Green, and Lara Rios are among my favorites.  When I’m not reading chick lit or preparing for my classes, I indulge in British and Scandinavian murder mysteries, and nourish my latest literary crush on Craig Johnson’s Longmire series.

In this blog, I will share my discoveries as I read, write, and teach about Chick Lit and its relationship to ever-shifting definitions of feminism.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions!